Negative Human Rights for a Positive Human Future

Definition of Negative Human Rights - i.e. the very foundation of the freedom part of the anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948.

Most people today are Atheists (i.e. not "believing" in a "god"*). That fact paves the way for Human Rights equality. Religion always means a total or partial reduction of some people's (e.g. women) Human Rights equality.

* Though some people keep calling their own racist/sexist "interpretation" as "god's/allah's will").

Klevius "islamophobia" CV

Some basic facts to consider about Klevius* (except that he is both "extremely normal" and extremely intelligent - which fact, of course, would not put you off if you're really interested in these questions):

* Mentored by G. H. von Wright, Wittgensteins's successor at Cambridge.

1 Klevius' analysis of consciousness is the only one that fits what we know - after having eliminated our "pride" bias of being humans (which non-human would we impress, anyway?). Its starting point is described and exemplified in a commentary to Jurgen Habermas in Klevius book Demand for Resources (1992:30-33, ISBN 9173288411, based on an article by Klevius from 1981), and is further explained in a commentary to Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis under the title The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (EMAH), which can be found in Stalk's archive and which has been on line since 2003 for anyone to access/assess.

2 Klevius out of island/mainland fluctuating Southeast Asia Denisovans up to big skulled Siberians as the birth of much more intelligent modern humans who then spread all over the world, is the only analysis that fits both genetic reality as well as tool and art sophistication seen in e.g. the Denisova cave (no dude, Blombos etc. don’t come even close).

3 Klevius criticism of Human Rights violating sharia islamofascism (e.g. OIC) which is called "islamophobia" by islamofascists and their supporters who don't care about the most basic of Human Rights (e.g. re. women). Klevius' "islamophobia" has two roots: 1) UN's 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration, which, contrary to any form of muslim sharia, doesn't, for example, allow sex to be an excuse for robbing females of their full Human Rights equality, and 2) the history of the origin of islam ( e.g. Hugh Kennedy, Robert G. Hoyland, K. S. Lal etc.) which reveals a murderous, pillaging, robbing, enslaving and raping racist/sexist supremacist ideology that exactly follows precisely those basic islamic tenets which are now called "unislamic" but still survive today (as sharia approved sex slavery, sharia approved "liberation” jihad, academic jihad etc.) behind the sharia cover which is made even more impenetrable via the spread of islamic finance, mainly steered from the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

4 Klevius analysis of sex segregation/apartheid (now deceptively called “gender segregation”) and heterosexual attraction - see e.g. Demand for Resources (1981/1992), Daughters of the Social State (1993), Angels of Antichrist (1996), Pathological Symbiosis (2003), or Klevius PhD research on heterosexual attraction/sex segregation and opposition to female footballers (published in book form soon).

Racist Theresa May is robbing EU citizens of their Human Rights

Is Mrs Theresa May digging a miserable "British" sharia "empire" under the Brexit cliff?

Mrs May plays sharia with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family - skipping Human Rights. Right

This (via Saudi sharia finance) is the main threat to your Human Rights

This (via Saudi sharia finance) is the main threat to your Human Rights

Saudi muslim war criminal and Human-rightsophobe is loved by BBC

BBC, the world's biggest fake/selective news site - with an evil agenda

BBC, the world's biggest fake/selective news site  - with an evil agenda

BBC's compulsory fee funded propaganda for Saudi sharia islam

Support Klevius' Atheist anti-fascism against islamofascism

This is what BBC's muslim sharia presenter Mishal Husain "forgot" to report. Mishal grew up in the very same theocratic medieval dictatorship which now harbors and rules all muslims world organization OIC and its Human Rights violating sharia. While also spreading islamic hatred over the world through a variety of channels.

Klevius to dumb (or just evil) alt-left "antifa" people who support the worst of Human Rights violating evil:

True anti-fascism in its purest form is laid down in the Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948. Islam (OIC) has in UN decided to abandon the most basic of these rights (the so called negative Human Rights).

Fascism is, according to Google's top hit, "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation*, and forcible suppression of opposition." 23 Aug 2017

So let's face islam with this definition.

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (islam) that exalts nation (Umma) and often race (muslims) above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government (Koran text/Mohammad's example) headed by a dictatorial leader (the caliph - e.g. the Saudi based OIC's Saudi leader), severe economic and social regimentation* (sharia), and forcible suppression of opposition (apostasy ban against muslims wanting to leave islam, and demonizing defenders of Human Rights by calling them "islamophobes").

And islamofascism gets away with it by calling itself a religion and thereby being protected by those very Human Rights it opposes.

* According to Cambridge dictionary, "extreme organization and control of people".

Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?

Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?
Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?

Saudi islamofascism attacks Buddhists - again and again - backed by Mrs May.

When will the world finally turn on the hateful Saudi dictator family - rather than on its victims?

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses while FEEding Lnd

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses while FEEding Lnd
The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses over you

How an organization of islamic crimes (OIC) violates Human Rights

The Viking phenomenon started with bilingual Finns raiding/trading sex slaves to Abbasid (ca 750)

Human Rights is diversity - sharia is the opposite

The evil of Sharia islam is what makes it incompatible with Negative Human Rights (i.e. why islamic OIC violates Human Rights by replacing them with Sharia, hence excluding women and non-muslims from equality). The evil of islam and its origin may be easier to grasp with historical examples, e.g. the Origin of Vikings.

It's racism and sexism even if proposed by a "god"! Klevius altruistic virtual volunteering for the world community in defense of Universal Human Rights . Yes, I know, it's unfair. Klevius vs islam, i.e. Universal Human Rights vs Sharia (OIC) racism/sexism! Of course Klevius will win. The question is just how long we should allow the dying beast to make people suffer. (Negative) Human Rights is not a ”Western” invention! It’s where you end up when you abandon racism and sexism, idiot! After you have abandoned islam! Your confused islamophilia and ignorance about Human Rights make YOU an accomplice to islam's crimes! Whereas Human Rights work as egalitarian and universal traffic rules (no matter who you are or what you drive you have the same rights as everyone else) islam/Sharia differs between muslim men and the rest (women and "infidels")!

Ask yourself, why can't racist islam (OIC) accept Human Rights? The answer reveals the difference between totalitarianism and freedom. And even if everyone converted to islam we'd still have Sharia sexism.
Have you noticed that when the history of slavery is (PC) debated islam is always excluded/excused? Atlantic slave trade and Roman slaves are eagerly mentioned while the world's by far worst, longest and most extensive one is blinked, as is the fact that islam not only sanctions slavery but is itself built on slavery and sex slavery (rapetivism)! The core idea of islam is the most thoroughly elaborated parasitism ever, i.e. what in 1400 yrs has made it the by far worst crime ever. But thanks to islamic teachings muslims are kept extremely ignorant about the evil origin of islam (institutionalized parasitism based on slave finance, rapetivism and pillage). Ohlig: The first two "islamic" centuries lie in the shadows of history. Klevius: There was no islam or islamic Mohammad (that's why the Saudis have levelled Mohammad's "grave" etc), only the evil murdering, pillaging and raping Aramaic-Arabic Jewish("Christian") led illiterate Arab thugs chasing for booty and sex. The "success" of this formula became later institutionalized and codified as a one way (Koran/Sharia) moral excuse (Allah) for further racist/sexist genocides. The bedrock and currency of this system was racist slavery. However, with Enlightenment the new idea of individual (negative) Human Rights emerged (incl. abolishing of slavery) and were, much later (1948), written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights according to which everyone is equal no matter of sex, beliefs etc. Just like in traffic! But unlike traffic rules no one really seems to care about guarding our most precious asset as human beings. Instead racist sexist islamofascism (OIC and the Cairo Sharia declaration) is protected by Human Rights while they strive to undermine and eventually destroy these Human Rights! And most people don't seem to get it. Always remember, there is no islam without Human Rights violating racist/sexist Sharia. So a "vote" for Sharia-islam is AGAINST democracy and the freedom part of Human Rights!

Sayeeda Warsi (UK's non-elected OIC/Sharia politician) in essence doesn't differ from those muslim Saudi women who approve of sex slavery etc, other than that she is either ignorant or a traitor (against democracy and Human Rights) of the worst kind.

We're all born unequal - that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Audi then built by Jewish slaves - today dangerous quality problems

Myth vs Truth

Japan's Hayabusa landed and returned to Earth many years before Europe's Rosetta failed to do so.

Friday, August 14, 2015

When and how should islam apologize for its monstrous crimes against humanity throughout 1400 years?

Klevius answer: Immediately via OIC/UN!

In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the muslim jihadi (defender of islam) took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than islam, the Koran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it.


Why do muslim sharia supporters want to impose sharia restrictions on others when they themselves are free under Human Rights legislation to impose whatever restrictions they consent to on themselves?

Muslims share an ideology that has, by far, caused most of human suffering and backwardness. Yet, there are still people defending islam's atrocities by saying that when one out of every thousand of victims somehow was lucky to make it, that would prove islam is "nicer"! A disgusting reasoning not worthy civilized people.

There has always been survivors in one or another shape and reason. But the fact that, for example, some women escaped death in the German concentration camps because they attracted some commandant doesn't reduce the horror of the Holocaust a bit, does it.

Unlike other ideologies islam is openly evil in its hateful supremacism. Islamic parasitism feeds on the "infidel". Without the "infidel" no islam.

The racist/sexist islam formula of attacking, slaughtering, raping and looting the "infidels" while sucking taxes from those who can pay, is well known among historians - yet wrapped in cautious wordings that prolongs the suffering of islam's victims instead of shortening it by following up the crispy clear truth about islam with an honest conclusion and due condemnation.

A muslim wife is in islam treated as a child and can't consent to sex because she's a prisoner in a sharia in which rape within marriage doesn't exist. Non-muslim girls/women have no rights either as long as islam "is under attack", i.e. as long as there are non-muslims, i.e. "infidels".

Islam is a racist/sexist hate crime against non-muslims* and muslim women. And if it wasn't it would in no time disappear as a problem, and OIC would have to withdraw their Human Rightsphobic sharia declaration from UN.

Hugh Kennedy (British expert on the origin of violent islamic jihad): It would be wrong to conclude that people just welcomed the Arab jihadis. During the origin of islam people submitted to the muslim jihadists because it was easier to be humiliated and pay taxes to the muslim jihadis than the alternative, which was to be slaughtered and having their children and women taken into sex slavery. They just paid and hoped the muslims would disappear sooner than later.

Klevius: What Hugh Kennedy here misses is the fact that only the relatively wealthy ones could pay the muslim taxes.  So the poorer ones were doomed - and forgotten by most historians, except Klevius (see the frontpage of Klevius book Demand for Resources, 1992 - "the forgotten suffering"). Pretty much as only the better off migrants are swarming from muslim countries to Europe, while the poorer ones can't even afford the travel/smuggler expenses. And how many are criminals whitewashing themselves - or worse still - muslim terrorists.

Muslims demonizing and threatening Human Rights respecting Jews. A tradition streching back to the slaughtering of all the Jews in Medina.

Pamela Geller: The New York Times has a lengthy piece on how the Islamic State cites Islamic theology to justify its brutal acts, claiming that the Koran “condones and encourages” raping women if they are not true believers of Islam.

    he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her.

    When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

    “I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands. “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God”

It is stunning that it has taken taken The New York Times years to address this savage issue. Tens of thousands of young girls have been raped, bought and sold. And while the NY Times only addresses sex slavery under the Islamic State, it is hardly exclusive to them. The Muslim sex trafficking gangs in the UK, for example, mirror the practice. The NY Times has long criticized and smeared my colleagues and me for writing about these horrors and opposing them, calling us “anti-Muslim.”

The Times trots out the apologists and “scholars” who “disagree” on the proper interpretation of these verses, and on the divisive question of whether Islam actually sanctions slavery. It’s not a question. It does. It’s not a question of “proper” interpretation. The Islamic State practices pure Islam. Their theological argument is authentic.

To their credit, The New York TImes goes on to cite:

    Cole Bunzel, a scholar of Islamic theology at Princeton University, disagrees, pointing to the numerous references to the phrase “Those your right hand possesses” in the Quran, which for centuries has been interpreted to mean female slaves. He also points to the corpus of Islamic jurisprudence, which continues into the modern era and which he says includes detailed rules for the treatment of slaves.

    “There is a great deal of scripture that sanctions slavery,” said Mr. Bunzel, the author of a research paper published by the Brookings Institution on the ideology of the Islamic State. “You can argue that it is no longer relevant and has fallen into abeyance. ISIS would argue that these institutions need to be revived, because that is what the Prophet and his companions did.”

The Islamic State consistently adheres to the shariah.

    The captives were also forced to answer intimate questions, including reporting the exact date of their last menstrual cycle. They realized that the fighters were trying to determine whether they were pregnant, in keeping with a Shariah rule stating that a man cannot have intercourse with his slave if she is pregnant.

The NY Times calls it ISIS’s “extreme interpretation of Islam.” In fact, it is not; it is the literal understanding of Islam. Authentic Islam. The group has codified it, writing how-to guides and memos outlining the dos and don’ts of sexual slavery.

Young Yazidi girls and teens that the Times interviewed spoke of being raped by ISIS fighters who prayed before and after the event, viewing their behavior as an act of worship.

    Child rape is explicitly condoned: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute of a pamphlet published on Twitter last December.

“We have indeed raided and captured the kafirahwomen and drove them like sheep by the edge of the sword.” Kafirah refers to infidels.

    ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape

    Claiming the Quran’s support, the Islamic State codifies sex slavery in
    conquered regions of Iraq and Syria and uses the practice as a recruiting tool.

    Written by Rukmini Callimachi; Photographs by Mauricio Limaug, NY Times Ausgust 13, 2015

    QADIYA, Iraq — In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.

    He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her.

    When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

    “I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands. “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” she said in an interview alongside her family in a refugee camp here, to which she escaped after 11 month

    The systematic rape of women and girls from the Yazidi religious minority has become deeply enmeshed in the organization and the radical theology of the Islamic State in the year since the group announced it was reviving slavery as an institution. Interviews with 21 women and girls who recently escaped the Islamic State, as well as an examination of the group’s official communications, illuminate how the practice has been enshrined in the group’s core tenets.

    The trade in Yazidi women and girls has created a persistent infrastructure, with a network of warehouses where the victims are held, viewing rooms where they are inspected and marketed, and a dedicated fleet of buses used to transport them.

    A total of 5,270 Yazidis were abducted last year, and at least 3,144 are still being held, according to community leaders. To handle them, the Islamic State has developed a detailed bureaucracy of sex slavery, including sales contracts notarized by the ISIS-run Islamic courts. And the practice has become an established recruiting tool to lure men from deeply conservative Muslim societies, where casual sex is taboo and dating is forbidden.

    A growing body of internal policy memos and theological discussions has established guidelines for slavery, including a lengthy how-to manual issued by the Islamic State Research and Fatwa Department just last month. Repeatedly, the ISIS leadership has emphasized a narrow and selective reading of the Quran and other religious rulings to not only justify violence, but also to elevate and celebrate each sexual assault as spiritually beneficial, even virtuous.

    “Every time that he came to rape me, he would pray,” said F, a 15-year-old girl who was captured on the shoulder of Mount Sinjar one year ago and was sold to an Iraqi fighter in his 20s. Like some others interviewed by The New York Times, she wanted to be identified only by her first initial because of the shame associated with rape.

    “He kept telling me this is ibadah,” she said, using a term from Islamic scripture meaning worship.

    A 15-year-old girl who wished to be identified only as F, right, with her father and 4-year-old brother. “Every time that he came to rape me, he would pray,” said F, who was captured by the Islamic State on  Mount Sinjar one year ago and  sold to an Iraqi fighter. Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

    “He said that raping me is his prayer to God. I said to him, ‘What you’re doing to me is wrong, and it will not bring you closer to God.’ And he said, ‘No, it’s allowed. It’s halal,’ ” said the teenager, who escaped in April with the help of smugglers after being enslaved for nearly nine months.

    The Islamic State’s formal introduction of systematic sexual slavery dates to Aug. 3, 2014, when its fighters invaded the villages on the southern flank of Mount Sinjar, a craggy massif of dun-colored rock in northern Iraq.

    Its valleys and ravines are home to the Yazidis, a tiny religious minority who represent less than 1.5 percent of Iraq’s estimated population of 34 million.

    The offensive on the mountain came just two months after the fall of Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq. At first, it appeared that the subsequent advance on the mountain was just another attempt to extend the territory controlled by Islamic State fighters.

    Almost immediately, there were signs that their aim this time was different.

    Survivors say that men and women were separated within the first hour of their capture. Adolescent boys were told to lift up their shirts, and if they had armpit hair, they were directed to join their older brothers and fathers. In village after village, the men and older boys were driven or marched to nearby fields, where they were forced to lie down in the dirt and sprayed with automatic fire.

    The women, girls and children, however, were hauled off in open-bed trucks.

    “The offensive on the mountain was as much a sexual conquest as it was for territorial gain,” said Matthew Barber, a University of Chicago expert on the Yazidi minority. He was in Sinjar when the onslaught began last summer and helped create a foundation that provides psychological support for the escapees, who number more than 2,000, according to community activists.

    Fifteen-year-old F says her family of nine was trying to escape, speeding up mountain switchbacks, when their aging Opel overheated. She, her mother, and her sisters — 14, 7, and 4 years old — were helplessly standing by their stalled car when a convoy of heavily armed Islamic State fighters encircled them.

    “Right away, the fighters separated the men from the women,” she said. She, her mother and sisters were first taken in trucks to the nearest town on Mount Sinjar. “There, they separated me from my mom. The young, unmarried girls were forced to get into buses.”

    The buses were white, with a painted stripe next to the word “Hajj,” suggesting that the Islamic State had commandeered Iraqi government buses used to transport pilgrims for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. So many Yazidi women and girls were loaded inside F’s bus that they were forced to sit on each other’s laps, she said.

    Once the bus headed out, they noticed that the windows were blocked with curtains, an accouterment that appeared to have been added because the fighters planned to transport large numbers of women who were not covered in burqas or head scarves.

    F’s account, including the physical description of the bus, the placement of the curtains and the manner in which the women were transported, is echoed by a dozen other female victims interviewed for this article. They described a similar set of circumstances even though they were kidnapped on different days and in locations miles apart.


    Osman Hassan Ali, a Yazidi businessman who has successfully smuggled out numerous Yazidi women, said he posed as a buyer in order to be sent the photographs. He shared a dozen images, each one showing a Yazidi woman sitting in a bare room on a couch, facing the camera with a blank, unsmiling expression. On the edge of the photograph is written in Arabic, “Sabaya [slave] No. 1,” “Sabaya No. 2,” and so on.

    Buildings where the women were collected and held sometimes included a viewing room.

    “When they put us in the building, they said we had arrived at the ‘Sabaya Market,’” said one 19-year-old victim, whose first initial is I. “I understood we were now in a slave market.”



    The Islamic State recently made it clear that sex with Christian and Jewish women captured in battle is also permissible, according to a new 34-page manual issued this summer by the terror group’s Research and Fatwa Department.

    Just about the only prohibition is having sex with a pregnant slave, and the manual describes how an owner must wait for a female captive to have her menstruating cycle, in order to “make sure there is nothing in her womb,” before having intercourse with her. Of the 21 women and girls interviewed for this article, among the only ones who had not been raped were the women who were already pregnant at the moment of their capture, as well as those who were past menopause.

    Beyond that, there appears to be no bounds to what is sexually permissible. Child rape is explicitly condoned: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute of a pamphlet published on Twitter last December.

    A 25-year-old Yazidi woman showed a “Certificate of Emancipation” given to her by a Libyan who had enslaved her. He explained that he had finished his training as a suicide bomber and was planning to blow himself up, and was therefore setting her free. Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

    […]One 34-year-old Yazidi woman, who was bought and repeatedly raped by a Saudi fighter in the Syrian city of Shadadi, described how she fared better than the second slave in the household — a 12-year-old girl who was raped for days on end despite heavy bleeding.

    “He destroyed her body. She was badly infected. The fighter kept coming and asking me, ‘Why does she smell so bad?’ And I said, she has an infection on the inside, you need to take care of her,” the woman said.

    Unmoved, he ignored the girl’s agony, continuing the ritual of praying before and after raping the child.

    “I said to him, ‘She’s just a little girl,’ ” the older woman recalled. “And he answered: ‘No. She’s not a little girl. She’s a slave. And she knows exactly how to have sex.’ ’’

    “And having sex with her pleases God,” he said.

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kssturgis62 • 20 hours ago

The Comments on the New York Times article are disgusting. Again they are blaming this happening because people are taking the text out of context. They are not taking it out of Context. Of course there are plenty of muslims saying this is not true and they make muslims look bad. Then they blame the USA stating we caused this to happen. Then of course they blame Christians for taking text out of the Bible to justify slavery. Yep the KKK did twist scripture to justify slavery, the Christians never justified it or twisted Scripture big difference. Also - muslims are not twisting or taking anything out of context. They are doing what they are told, and it is perfectly acceptable in their cult.

Pamela this is highly disturbing and I thank you for bringing this to our attention.

This is a horror Story and the world sits back and watches and does nothing. I am so sickened.



Share ›

    IslamDownpressesHumanity kssturgis62 • 13 hours ago

    The KKK NEVER, in the wildest dreams of its most demented members, ever practiced the atrocities done by muslums in the 20th and now 21st centuries. MILLIONS of Christians (in Turkey and E. Timor) and Hindus and Sikhs (in Pakistan and Bangladesh) were murdered by muslums en mass in the 20th century. Muslum slavery is still legal to this day in muslum Mauritania, the Sudan and now ISIS. A KKK member blew up a black church in the 1960's, in the 1990's when the lone perp was finally tried, he got life in prison. In the early 21st century muslums blew up two synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey killing 26 people, the longest sentences handed down as "punishment"? SIX years. The all muslum perps who blew up the synagogues in Turkey are ALREADY free.
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        Gufo IslamDownpressesHumanity • 5 hours ago

        You're so right about this. Far from being a fan of KKK, I find it incredible that the so-called African American community is yet to expose slavery and racism in islam, and is actually more likely to believe that islam was the original religion of Africa, before they were enslaved by the evil white man. I find it outrageous, and very offensive for everyone, especially for African Americans, who have always been enslaved by muslims and are now converting to islam! islam is the most racist ideology, and it's against everyone, black, white, orange, blue, anyone who is not a muslim.
        Share ›
            movingwaters Gufo • an hour ago

            Black Americans are pretty racist fir the most part, and their churches too often preach more of a social gospel and victimization. But many of them really do have deep faith in God and traditional beliefs about morality. Obama is so clearly against God that it has opened the door to talj about his support for promoting Islam in Kenya and trying to force a Muslim President, Odinga on the people. Obama wants Shariah law in Kenya. Odinga's supporters burned 800 churches to the ground. On at least one ocassion people hiding from the violence in a church were burned alive in that church.

            Once in a while it is possible to speak to someone's heart about these truths and bypass the barriers and strongholds in their minds. A lot of black Americans are now well aware that Obama is a race baiter, troublemaker, and pervert who wants to promote a race war. They don't want that.
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                Gufo movingwaters • an hour ago

                I agree, I think most of African Americans are beginning to see that obama does not represent them. He is not a black American, he is a muslim, and he obviously supports muslims. My dearest friends are from Uganda, and they really do not understand the Africa = islam equation, and the subsequent narrative that some Americans are pushing. Very far from the truth, and very offensive for the many _ way too many _ victims of islam in Africa.
                Share ›
                Show 1 new reply
    Gufo kssturgis62 • 5 hours ago

    Well, muslims ALWAYS blame their hopeless retardment, their incapability to live like humans, their depraved ways, their fascist ideology called islam, their incredible jealousy for whatever is more advanced than they are _ doesn't take too much for that _ their lack of rational discourse and critical thinking on something or someone else. Today is US, then it's Israel, then it's racism (they are actually very good at playing the race card against whoever criticizes them), then it's a temporary possession by some djins, then it's capitalism, then it's the heat, then it's islamophobes, etc. etc. it's never them. If they have slaves _ by the way, please note how Americans NEVER mention slavery in islam, in spite of our terrible history, but are led to believe that islam is the original religion of Africa, before the evil white man came and enslaved everyone _ it's because the quran says so, everything has an explanation that excludes every notion of individual responsibility. It is almost a mental problem.
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        Agent153Orange Gufo • 5 hours ago

        You can blame Malcum X as well as Alex Haley's awful propaganda piece "Roots" for the misconception re. Islam in Africa!
        Share ›
            Gufo Agent153Orange • 5 hours ago

            They seem to be in good company...I am still wondering why racist thug Louis Farrakhan has not been arrested for his racist propaganda. I guess all you have to do is define yourself as an "civil right activist" and you can count on the massive ignorance of the liberals. And... I am still waiting for the same protests these "activists" organized against America based on obsolete notions of racism and slavery, to be organized against islam, since it represents everything they claim to fight against!


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