Human Rights is diversity - sharia is the opposite

The evil of Sharia islam is what makes it incompatible with Negative Human Rights (i.e. why islamic OIC violates Human Rights by replacing them with Sharia, hence excluding women and non-muslims from equality). The evil of islam and its origin may be easier to grasp with historical examples, e.g. the Origin of the Vikings.

It's racism and sexism even if proposed by a "god"! Klevius altruistic virtual volunteering for the world community in defense of Universal Human Rights . Yes, I know, it's unfair. Klevius vs islam, i.e. Universal Human Rights vs Sharia (OIC) racism/sexism! Of course Klevius will win. The question is just how long we should allow the dying beast to make people suffer. (Negative) Human Rights is not a ”Western” invention! It’s where you end up when you abandon racism and sexism, idiot! After you have abandoned islam! Your confused islamophilia and ignorance about Human Rights make YOU an accomplice to islam's crimes! Whereas Human Rights work as egalitarian and universal traffic rules (no matter who you are or what you drive you have the same rights as everyone else) islam/Sharia differs between muslim men and the rest (women and "infidels")!

Ask yourself, why can't racist islam (OIC) accept Human Rights? The answer reveals the difference between totalitarianism and freedom. And even if everyone converted to islam we'd still have Sharia sexism.
Have you noticed that when the history of slavery is (PC) debated islam is always excluded/excused? Atlantic slave trade and Roman slaves are eagerly mentioned while the world's by far worst, longest and most extensive one is blinked, as is the fact that islam not only sanctions slavery but is itself built on slavery and sex slavery (rapetivism)! The core idea of islam is the most thoroughly elaborated parasitism ever, i.e. what in 1400 yrs has made it the by far worst crime ever. But thanks to islamic teachings muslims are kept extremely ignorant about the evil origin of islam (institutionalized parasitism based on slave finance, rapetivism and pillage). Ohlig: The first two "islamic" centuries lie in the shadows of history. Klevius: There was no islam or islamic Mohammad (that's why the Saudis have levelled Mohammad's "grave" etc), only the evil murdering, pillaging and raping Aramaic-Arabic Jewish("Christian") led illiterate Arab thugs chasing for booty and sex. The "success" of this formula became later institutionalized and codified as a one way (Koran/Sharia) moral excuse (Allah) for further racist/sexist genocides. The bedrock and currency of this system was racist slavery. However, with Enlightenment the new idea of individual (negative) Human Rights emerged (incl. abolishing of slavery) and were, much later (1948), written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights according to which everyone is equal no matter of sex, beliefs etc. Just like in traffic! But unlike traffic rules no one really seems to care about guarding our most precious asset as human beings. Instead racist sexist islamofascism (OIC and the Cairo Sharia declaration) is protected by Human Rights while they strive to undermine and eventually destroy these Human Rights! And most people don't seem to get it. Always remember, there is no islam without Human Rights violating racist/sexist Sharia. So a "vote" for Sharia-islam is AGAINST democracy and the freedom part of Human Rights!

Sayeeda Warsi (UK's non-elected OIC/Sharia politician) in essence doesn't differ from those muslim Saudi women who approve of sex slavery etc, other than that she is either ignorant or a traitor (against democracy and Human Rights) of the worst kind.

Myth vs Truth

Mazda Luce 1800 (1968, same body as 1500, 1966 - already presented in 1964 at the Tokyo Motor Show it was in serial production 1965) was one of the fastest in its class in the 1960's (104 hp/1050 kg and an extremely long stroke but smoothly reving OHC engine with roller lifters etc) and one of the few cars faster than its speedometer. It also had the best manual gearbox. However, due to stupid Japanese consumer surveys some export models were slowed down with automatic and the interior destroyed with a front bench! Same car was also available with Mazda's own super fast, and functioning Rotary (not the non-functioning German Wankel) engine.
How come that Subaru in 1972 introduced 4WD almost a decade before the first European (the poor quality Audi Quatro in 1980)? And how come that Honda does the most advanced eco car (Clarity FCX) and the most advanced robot (Asimo - the one islamists drool over below) whereas BMW does nothing by itself?
How come that Japanese Nissan GTR ($84,000) easily outperforms Bugatti Veyron ($1,700,000) on Germany's foremost race track Nurburgring?! And that the world's best luxury sports car, Lexus LFA, is the fastest ever real car on the ring, beating the best Porsche by some 4 seconds!

Whereas Shinto, the world's oldest religion, has been the master of technology, islam has been the master of crimes and parasitism!
To deny the evil parasitic origin of islam is equally criminal as to deny the Holocaust!

Japan's Hayabusa landed and returned to Earth many years before Europe's Rosetta failed to do so.

The hotline closed since 1400 years - leaving muslims on their own

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it), and islam (the worst hate crime ever - now protected by sleazy OIC) is the foremost expression of sex segregation. Also compare Sharia as described by Bill Warner.

Klevius: If truth offenses muslims, should the truth then be forbidden?

Mohammed: I have never come across anyone more lacking in intelligence, or ignorant of their religion than women.

Warner: The Koran says that the Kafir may be deceived, plotted against, hated, enslaved, mocked, tortured and worse. The word is usually translated as “unbeliever” but this translation is wrong. The word “unbeliever” is logically and emotionally neutral, whereas, Kafir is the most abusive, prejudiced and hateful word in any language.

How an organization of islamic crimes (OIC) violates Human Rights

OIC (57 muslim populated nations) have agreed to replace UN Human Rights with islamic "human rights" (Sharia) so that girls and women shouldn't be allowed to be equally free as men! OIC now wants to get veto right in UN so to block any UN action critical against islamic Sharia racism/sexism!

How Islamofascism is boosted by BBC

This is Alwaleed bin Talal al Saud (nephew to the world's worst dictator), a "man" who has never worked but who at 56 was accused of raping a 20 year old, and who has spent much more Western oil money on islamic hate mongering propaganda etc than he has officially been given from the dictator house of Saud (which was founded on an Arab slave plantation and later stole the whole land with some handfuls of men and now prosper on oil that "Westerners" found and produced because of "Wests" superior technology)! It's ONLY because of "Western" oil money that this islamofascist Human Rights violating dictator/mafia family is allowed to enter civilized rooms! But should we really let this extreme hypocrisy and bigotry continue?!

Contrast this scumbag against those (incl. Klevius) who relentlessly volunteer for spreading knowledge about Human Rights and are called "islamophobes" simply because islam doesn't submit to Human Rights (this is why the islamofascist organization OIC has openly abandoned Human Rights and replaced them with islamofascist Sharia).

We're all born unequal - that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Muslim born US Mr X “president” wants to protect the worst crime ever from criticism & “negative stereotyping”!

Selling out freedom & the US Constitution
Mr X "president" (Barry Barack Hussein Dunham Obama Soetoro - or whatever) is a born muslim & later an adopted muslim who has hidden all records of his past & who says he respects islam, the worst crime ever against humanity! His dearest friend is "the guardian of islam", the extremely* intolerant & totalitarian "king" Abdullah, for whom he deeply bows, & who has for long been top rated on the lists of the world’s most intolerant dictators! The guys from CAIR on the pic reward the muslim CEO of the “moderate” American muslim Bridges TV, who, btw, stabbed his divorcing wife 9 times before he decapitated her in a truly islamic manner.
Btw, have you noticed (what Karzai & others have experienced) that most of Mr X's islam politics can be predicted in terms of Shia (Iran) & Sunni (Saudi/Arabic).

The worst crime ever against humanity is now to be protected from scrutinity, criticism or any negative "stereotyping" by the help of Mr X "president" & his islamist pals in 57 islamic countries!

Although there’s no doubt whatsoever that islam is the ideology that throughout 1400 yrs of slavery/genocides has caused the most human suffering (Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Rwanda etc. aren’t even close), those who desperately (or out of pure ignorance) try to whitewash islam now use the last resort to avoid confronting the unbearable truth. On Oct 1, 2009, Mr X “president” & Co together with OIC (Saudi led organization of 56 islamic countries), introduced an anti-free speech draft resolution, titled "Freedom of Opinion and Expression" to the UN's Human Rights Council. It includes condemnation of "negative stereotyping of islam".

The proposed resolution attempts to construe this protection of a totalitarian racist/sexist “faith” fascism we use to call islam, as an international human rights law and obligation. I.e. in direct opposition to the Negative Human Rights that constituted the backbone ot the UN 1948 Declaration on Human Rights which was construed to hinder such totalitarian fascism from ever showing up again!

Already now everyone defending Negative Human Rights & critical of islam (the worst crime known to historians) is met with avoidance, intimidation etc hence constituting a new paria caste in the politically correct islamic landscape. When we eventually came to a point where we got rid of the evil religion-state connection by swapping it for secular human rights, every effort is made by our politicians to pave the way for an even worse & anti-humanfollow-up.

Why do you call yourself a muslim?!

Being a muslim makes you undemocratic if you by that mean you adhere to islam & its infidel racism & Sharia sexism. Islam wants to replace freedom & to confine you if you are a girl/woman in its monosexism. You can't leave your evil "faith" & you can't really, as a woman, even love someone who doesn't share this evil "faith", if you want to be considered a muslim! So either you ought to leave islam (i.e. committing apostasy, its worst crime & its deepest evilness) or you leave your right to participate in the democratic process. Third option being that you cheat as sanctioned by Koran (or are you in fact, that dumb & ignorant so you didn't get it as yet?!)!

Also remember that to say islam is egalitarian is a double lie. Infidels (& lousy muslims) are always excluded. Moreover, islam is from scratch construed for the slave's submission to his/her master, i.e. someone above you. Allah is completely eliminated in islam & replaced by the Koran which is not only full of evil sayings but also considered the last unaltered word of Allah, i.e cannot be changed. So which particular islamic evilness will hit you depends on the reader!

But one thing is extremely clear. If you want to commit evil deeds you'll find it in the Koran & you will be protected by human rights & political blindness.

It's indeed a shame if we have to wait for muslims to protect them & us from the evil of original islam, inn't it?!


Klevius is the only** one (so far) who dares to offer an intelligent & informed analysis of islam based on its main pillar sex segregation. Moreover, to make Klevius IQ really open for scrutinity there are hundreds of challenging texts on the web signed klevius. So even if you think you lack the brain muscles (or knowledge) as Klevius has, you have all the time in the world to check him out, don't you!

** Yes, there are eminent islam critics out there, such as e.g. Ayaan Hirsi Ali & others, but they either lack the truly male perspective or what it's like growing up as a free outcast in a free society while cursed with extremely high IQ & level of knowledge. Yet still never ceasing to strive for being "extremely normal"... (see Klevius Definition of religion). You may also benefit from Angels of Antichrist (no, Klevius is NOT a monogodist). Moral in a changing world cannot be stapled in a book but has to be continuously scrutinized outside religion & inside a global logic that ultimately rests on Negative HUman Rights. So when the feeble minded (or extremely treacherous) archbishop Rowan Williams sponsors Sharia in England he does it while muslim nations & individuals try to get rid of it out of pure fear for it!


Although there’s no doubt whatsoever that islam is the ideology that throughout1400 yrs of slavery/genocides has caused the most human suffering & genocides (Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Rwanda etc. aren’t even close), those who desperately (or out of pure ignorance) try to whitewash islam now use the last resort to avoid confronting the truth. On Oct 1, 2009, Mr X “president” & Co together with OIC (Saudi led organization of 56 islamic countries), introduced an anti-free speech draft resolution, titled "Freedom of Opinion and Expression" to the UN's Human Rights Council.

It includes condemnation of "negative stereotyping of religions and racial groups". It further attempts to construe this as an international human rights law and obligation
The proposed resolution attempts to construe this protection of a totalitarian racist/sexist “faith” fascism as an international human rights law and obligation.
Already now everyone defending negative human rights & critical of islam (the worst crime known to historians) is met with avoidance, hence constituting a new paria caste in the politically correct.

There’s no “egalitarian spirit of Islam”. On the contrary the whole original idea of islam is the very opposite, i.e. infidel racism & sexist rapetivism limitations of women’s freedom.

Btw, being a muslim makes you undemocratic. Islam wants to replace freedom & to confine you in institutionalized sex segregation if you are a girl/woman. You can't leave your evil "faith" & you can't even love someone who doesn't share this evil "faith"! So either you ought to leave islam (i.e. committing apostasy (its worst crime & its deepest evilness) or you leave your right to participate in the democratic process. Third option being that you cheat as sanctioned by Koran (or are you in fact, that dumb & ignorant so you didn't get it as yet?!)!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evil Saudi Caliph: "Islam no longer rules all aspects of life"!

It's not Al Qaeda that's the worst problem, it's islam & its Saudi Caliph, the guardian of islam's "holiest" (i.e. what used to be islamic slave markets) places, & Mr X "president's" first call & the only one he deeply bows for (he later tried to cover it up by also bowing deeply for the Japanese emperor)!
And prove me wrong, but this is the worst of terrorists with his (& his pals) fingers deeply involved in the Taliban movement as well as radical islamist elements in Pakistan, Philippines & abt everywhere where there's a Saudi funded/supported school, mosque , university etc! The evil islamist hate mongerer & hypocrite Saudi "king" Abdullah (& Co) who, on the one hand admits that "islam cannot compete with science/technology", but on the other hand, wants to benefit from islam's inborn evilness. As a criminologist I understand that unreported & in police reports unconnected islamic hate crimes (boosted by Koran verses etc deliberately distributed by Saudi oil Billionaires) may be hard to see as an entity but when you do the numbers get huge, not the least because these crimes are also largely blinked, hence paving the way for further intimidation/submission. And now the old evil chap wants to wash (with Western oil money) his reputation as one of the world's most intolerant dictators (in the most intolerant of nations, with no freedom for other faiths or faithlessness), guilty of an unknown (but apparantly enormous) number of murder/rape/robbery/assault etc victims due to islamic street jihad agitated for from madrassas, mosques, schools, universities etc that he has sponsored/sanctioned. Not to forget the Millions in Darfur etc whose blood is on his & his good pal's (Sudan's "president" Bashir, who is wanted for arrest by the Haague) hands.

When you know the real forces (i.e. islam's ideological soul) behind the Origin of islam you have only two choices left:

1 Puke & commit apostasy, or
2 Continue as nothing has happened, i.e. being a bigot/hypocrite muslim. Or maybe you're an extremist who really likes true original islam?!

The third alternative, i.e. reforming islam, is hypothetical & impossible, precisely because the very backbone of the original islam (i.e. Koran's infidel racism+slavery+rapetivism+apostasy ban jihad) of course, contradicts everything a normal* & decent world citizen would agree on today.

Saudi "king" Abdullah has long since given up any dream of reconciling islam with the inevitable power of Western civilization based on technology & negative human rights (after having read it you hopefully understand why "responsibilities" aren't & cannot be connected to Negative Human Rights, only to democratic laws which don't violate NHR)! Abdullah understands that he has eventually to submit to "Western" civilization, although he wants to squeeze out as much as possible of his evil medieval Leviathan. Runs in the family.

However, although Abdullah's KAUST (the new Saudi university paid by Western tech money the "House of Sand, um, Saud" has stolen from others) is presented by "king" Abdullah as a "scientific center that embraces all peoples" & that it's "the first line of defense against extremism", it still preserves extremely outdated sex segregation. So for example, aren't women allowed to swim in the same pool as men**, etc etc. So no matter how "radical" (from an islamic point of view) KAUST will still stick to sexist customs we in the West haven't seen for >100 yrs!

According to "king" Abdullah "faith and science cannot compete except in unhealthy souls". I agree, letting a totalitarian monogod into your soul will inevitably make it filthy - see Klevius definition of religion). This means that he has given up islam's validity in one of the most essential parts of modern life.

And always remember that Klevius blogs/sites are the only ones***, so far, addressing the very root cause, i.e. sex segregation! A burqa or veil is almost always remote controlled by a Mohammed copy! Except, of course, when it's not just feeble minded fashion.

Read Islam doesn't deserve Human Rights

* As has been repeatedly stated on this & other KLEVUX/Klevius blogs/sites, Klevius is an extremely normal world citizen. Why/how? Because instead of resting his morality via a "god" he takes it from his fellow world citizens. As everyone (except many monogod people) already knows, building one's moral on a private "god" (i.e. a moral black hole) or on a totalitarian "god", both reduces the responsibilities of the individual (see Klevius Definition of religion)!

** As you know, in islam it's believed that (muslim) men cannot see a woman without risking getting mad!

*** Yes, it's a heavy burden, but I have to admit it's a lot of fun as well. Why? Because it has grown so big, yet is still so simple. When Wollstonecraft in the 1790s wrote abt sex segregation most women had no access to her writings or possibility to really evaluate their segregated position. However, while sex segregation has become utterly visible in modernity, its defense has grown at an equal rate starting with Victorian time psychoanalysis etc (see e.g. Rapetivism from Freud to bin Laden) & feminism/chauvinism (to understand this you may read From Klevius without love), & of course, the ultimate sex segregation, islam. This defense has now become such a big bubble that nothing could be easier than picking its monstrous contradictions. If you just want/dare to do it!

Friday, October 09, 2009

CONgrats to islam's Saudi caliph & his puppet, to the Nobel prize! Real dynamite against the free world!

Islam, the worst crime ever against humanity, again got the peace prize! What would islam do without Alfred Nobel's dynamite?

Mr X "president's" (Barry Barack Hussein Dunham Obama Soetoro - or whatever) dearest friends are "the guardians of islam" in the extremely intolerant & totalitarian fascist "house of Saud". "King" Abdullah for whom he so deeply bows has been for long top rated on the lists of the worlds most notorious dictators! Btw way, Mr X is a born muslim & later an adopted muslim who has hidden all records of his past! Btw, being a muslim makes you undemocratic. Islam wants to replace freedom & islam wants to confine you if you are a girl/woman. You can't leave your evil "faith" & you can't even love someone who doesn't share this evil "faith"! So either you ought to leave islam (i.e. committing apostasy, its worst crime & its deepest evilness) or you leave your right to participate in the democratic process. Third option being that you cheat as sanctioned by Koran (or are youä in fact, that dumb & ignorant so you dion't get it as yet?!)!

Wondering abt the Obama pic? Ok, can you tell who is a "moderate muslim" eager to broadcast a positive picture of islam's peacefulness, & who stabbed his divorcing wife at least 9 times & then chopped her head off while she was still alive? OK, I agree, they all look capable of it. Correct answer is the guy to the left who's rewarded by top islamofascists from islam's muslim terror organization CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations). Btw, Mr X's first call as "president" was to the islamofascist Saudi leader whose legal adviser is the violent Nation of Islam & Black Panthers guy at his right ear (same guy who arranged & paid for his Harvard studies) while Ingrid Mattson at his left ear is a wahhabist islamofascist leader of American muslims, who wants to make islam & Sharia the new constitution of USA!

Winston Churchill (Europe's World War 2 hero) also won a Nobel prize, although in literature (he was rightly nominated for the peace Nobel prize as well, but never got it although he defeated Hitler & the Germans). Here's an excerpt from Churchill's pencil, The River War - An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan (written in the late 19th Century):

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men."

The Nobel peace prize committee also supported Yasser Arafat while he deliberatley ended the Middleast peace process by - yes, violence, shortly after the award! Mr X "presoident" is abt to double his war in Afganistan (or admit total surrender to the islamofascist Taliban terrorists) & has already escallated the use of deadly drone attacks against civilians in Pakistan & Afganistan. He has increased the violence in Afganistan by sending more troops to an extent that it soon approaches the numbers of the initial Iraq war! He is mongering hatred against Iran & preparing for violence against the country which is inhabited by mainly Shiite muslims, i.e. what his master, Saudi "king" Abdullah (& Co) consider apostates & arch enemies.

This was the most disastrous decision so far by the Nobel committee. Mr X has done nothing for the free world (rather the opposite), just talked!

Excuse me, but who mentioned nukes? The only reason Mr X talks abt nuke stop now is to connect it to Iran's "possible" future threat of weapons of massdestruction (which no one knows anything abt today - just like in Saddam Hussein's Iraq - so to satisfy his Sunni islamic Saudi master(s) against the only threat (Shia Iran) to their total islamic dominance in Mideast.

Klevius concluding comment: This extremely dangerous islamophilia may end up in an escallated civil war within the islamic Umma itself (yes, I know, the Umma has NEVER been peaceful). A war at the doorstep of the Nobel society & other islamophils who paved the way for it. Last major clash between Sunni & Shia "peaceful islam" was local (Iran-Iraq war 1980-88) but managed to produce more than half a Million dead & a couple of Millions victimized!

Islamic sexist/racist infidel totalitarianism is from its very beginning fueled by the opposite to peace, i.e. jihad. The only peace known to islam is the infidel slave's submission under it (& of course, muslim girls/women)! Read abt its true origin & its Sharia slave finance on Origin of islam

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The founding of Israel was perfect - for muslims!

Klevius brief history lesson - always there to serve your hunger for truth stripteased from political correctness & unnecessary ornaments:

Why don't say it as it is?!

Judaism started with rapetivism/circumcision & spread via the old Vagina gate. The Jewish variant was turbocharged compared to conventional tribal procreation.

Early Christianity was a reaction against rapetivism, although it later became a sexist state religion. The real boost for patriarchal Christianity wasn't the Romans but the attacks from islam which caused strengthened Catholicism. This, of course, was later protested & caused the industrial revolution that created our modern world (no stupid, it wasn't the European's fair complexion!).

Islam hence was the ultimate rapetivism because contrary to Judaism it spread via men. This is why there are now less than 10 Million Jews but almost as many muslims as there are Chinese!

The founding of Israel, in the midst of the morally, technologically & economically deprived islamic Mideast, meant that Westernized (i.e. civilized, if we by this mean democracy & human rights) Jews were able to create an enlightened oasis of wonder in the dark islamic desert.

This is why ortodox Jews & muslims have so much in common!

And this is why muslim Arabs benefitted not only from jobs created by Israel but also by the welfare they have received from the Western civilization.

Islam was from scratch technologically & culturally impotent & parasitic & still is - while sponging on the Vagina & Western oil!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Islam's ultimate suicide bomb, created by Mohammed & distributed by the Saud/Wahhab slave/oil mafia & their puppet "apostate"!

The "apostate" & the apostates, & the ultimate islamic suicide bomb
Whereas Rifqa Bary & Ayaan Hirsi Ali (both on the escape from islam in the "free" USA) are true apostates from the evil racist/sexist islamic "faith" politics, we don't really know abt Mr X "president" Barry Hussein Obama Dunham Soetoro (or whatever). Born to a muslim father means he is certainly a muslim
according to Koran/islam. Trying to stretch this fact will quickly

shred the very soul of islam, i.e. that in islam everything should be done to make it esay to become a muslim (by birth or rape) & extremely hard to get out. And if that's not enough Mr X is later adopted by another muslim father. What we do know is that he says he "respects" a totalitarian racist/sexist ideology that in every meaningful bit contradicts the freedom ideal put down in the US constitution, & that he embraces the murderous hate mongering Saudi Caliph "king" Abdullah & Co. His least fault is probably that his birt status doesn't comply with the US Constitution (he isn't "natura born" & that he for that reason has used Millions of dollars to hide ALL his records (except for a, in this context, meaningless computer extract!

So this ambassador for evil racist & sexist islam, & Saudi puppet "president" blinks all islam's atrocities & all the hundreds of Millions of islam's victims, including Rifqa Bary & the ambassadress for freedom from islamic persecution, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, while the hypocrites & the ignorant applaud him.

The first years of islam were at least equally evil as the 1400 that followed & which history the islamic countries (O.I.C) desperately wants to forbid digging in

The origin of islam(also compare Klevius revealing Viking history)

Thomas Jefferson & John Adams in a 1786 report to the Continental Congress asked the representative of Tripolitania, Sidi Haji Rahmand Adja, why the Barbary states (Morocco, Algerian, Tunisia & Libya) attacked “Infidel ships, seized the cargos & sailors & enslaving those who could not be ransomed. The answer was “…that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

Steven Groeneveld: One has to be a bit weak in the head to start with to buy into any religion.

Klevius comment: Or willing to sell one's soul to Satan as did Faust(us), an old European theme brilliantly exposed by Marlowe, poetically castrated by Goethe & transferred to a modern techno ghost between green but naive femininity & rational but presumptuous masculinity in Klevius short movie Pandora's Box.

The 1400 yrs long burning fuse in the bomb in Mohammed's head is about to finish!