Negative Human Rights for a Positive Human Future

Definition of Negative Human Rights - i.e. the very foundation of the freedom part of the anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948.

Most people today are A(mono)theists, i.e. not "believing" in an impossible "one god"*. Such a "collective god" would mean equally many personal "gods" as there are believers/interpretors. "Monotheisms" are for racist/sexist movements - not for individuals. Human Rights are for individuals living among individuals with same rights.

Religion always means a total or partial reduction of some people's (e.g. women''s) Human Rights equality.

Being against A(mono)theism must be categorized as contempt of basic Human Rights equality because "monotheists" have doctrines which can't comply with basic Human Rights equality.
Klevius moral formula is a bedrock you can't beat:

1 There's no absolute and fixed moral in a dynamic society.

2 Therefor we have to repeatedly agree on a minimum moral and equality for all.

3 In doing so we are logically forced to approve of negative Human Rights, i.e. not to impose restrictions other than necessary in a democracy based on as much freedom as possible for all individuals - no matter of sex, race etc. And, for the truly dumb ones, do note that this definition excludes the freedom to restrict freedom.

* Though some people keep calling their own racist/sexist "interpretation" as "god's/allah's will").

Warning for BBC's faked "news" and support for Human Rights violating Saudi/OIC islamofascism

Warning for BBC's faked "news" and support for Human Rights violating Saudi/OIC islamofascism

Peter Klevius "islamophobia"/Human Rightsphobia test for you and your politicians

Sharia and weaponry keeps Brexit-UK in EU - with leaking borders and against the will of the people

Sharia and weaponry keeps Brexit-UK in EU - with leaking borders and against the will of the people

While EU closes internal borders it opens external ones.

While EU closes internal borders it opens external ones.

"Brits" who are racist against EU citizens but dare not criticize muslims - here's your passport.

"Brits" who are racist against EU citizens but dare not criticize muslims - here's your passport.

Welcoming UK's main security threat - and committing treason against the will of the people

Welcoming UK's main security threat - and committing treason against the will of the people

The ultimate treason against people in England, Ireland and Scotland

The ultimate treason against people in England, Ireland and Scotland

True Brits for the islamofascist Saudi dictator family and against Human Rights

Klevius: Face it, Wikipedia, BBC etc. fake media - Finland was first in the world with full suffrag

The network that reignited evil Human Rightsphobic sharia islam via al-Saud

Human Rightsphobe Jacob Rees-Mogg and BBC News crack jokes about Germans lacking humour

UK PM candidate Rees-Mogg: Germans needed Human Rights - we don't. Klevius: I really think you do.

Klevius "islamophobia" CV

Some basic facts to consider about Klevius* (except that he is both "extremely normal" and extremely intelligent - which fact, of course, would not put you off if you're really interested in these questions):

* Mentored by G. H. von Wright, Wittgenstein's successor at Cambridge.

1 Klevius' analysis of consciousness is the only one that fits what we know - after having eliminated our "pride" bias of being humans (which non-human would we impress, anyway?). Its starting point is described and exemplified in a commentary to Jurgen Habermas in Klevius book Demand for Resources (1992:30-33, ISBN 9173288411, based on an article by Klevius from 1981), and is further explained in a commentary to Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis under the title The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (EMAH), which can be found in Stalk's archive and which has been on line since 2003 for anyone to access/assess.

2 Klevius out of island/mainland fluctuating Southeast Asia Denisovans up to big skulled Siberians as the birth of much more intelligent modern humans who then spread all over the world, is the only analysis that fits both genetic reality as well as tool and art sophistication seen in e.g. the Denisova cave (no dude, Blombos etc. don’t come even close).

3 Klevius criticism of Human Rights violating sharia islamofascism (e.g. OIC) which is called "islamophobia" by islamofascists and their supporters who don't care about the most basic of Human Rights (e.g. re. women). Klevius' "islamophobia" has two roots: 1) UN's 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration, which, contrary to any form of muslim sharia, doesn't, for example, allow sex to be an excuse for robbing females of their full Human Rights equality, and 2) the history of the origin of islam ( e.g. Hugh Kennedy, Robert G. Hoyland, K. S. Lal etc.) which reveals a murderous, pillaging, robbing, enslaving and raping racist/sexist supremacist ideology that exactly follows precisely those basic islamic tenets which are now called "unislamic" but still survive today (as sharia approved sex slavery, sharia approved "liberation” jihad, academic jihad etc.) behind the sharia cover which is made even more impenetrable via the spread of islamic finance, mainly steered from the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

4 Klevius analysis of sex segregation/apartheid (now deceptively called “gender segregation”) and heterosexual attraction - see e.g. Demand for Resources (1981/1992), Daughters of the Social State (1993), Angels of Antichrist (1996), Pathological Symbiosis (2003), or Klevius PhD research on heterosexual attraction/sex segregation and opposition to female footballers (published in book form soon).

Klevius 1979: Human Rights for girls/women rather than religion

Klevius 1979: Human Rights for girls/women rather than religion

BBC (imp)lies that 84% of the world is "monotheist" although most people are A(mono)theists

BBC (imp)lies that 84% of the world is "monotheist" although most people are A(mono)theists

Klevius can no longer distinguish between the techniques of BBC and Nazi propaganda - can you!

By squeezing in Atheist ideologies/philosophies as well as polytheisms under the super set BBC calls "religion", and by narrowing 'Atheism' to what it's not (Atheism is what it says on the tin - no god) they produced the extremely faked proposition that 84% of the world's population is "religious". Moreover, BBC also proudly claimed that the 84% figure is rising even more. Well, that's only by relying on those poor women in Pakistan, Bangladesh, English muslim ghettos (where most so called "British" women don't even speak English) etc., who still produce many more children than the average in the world. But Klevius doesn't think this abuse of girls/women is anything to cheer.

Racist Theresa May is robbing EU citizens of their Human Rights

Is Mrs Theresa May digging a miserable "British" sharia "empire" under the Brexit cliff?

Mrs May plays sharia with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family - skipping Human Rights. Right

This (via Saudi sharia finance) is the main threat to your Human Rights

This (via Saudi sharia finance) is the main threat to your Human Rights

Saudi muslim war criminal and Human-rightsophobe is loved by BBC

BBC, the world's biggest fake/selective news site - with an evil agenda

BBC, the world's biggest fake/selective news site  - with an evil agenda

BBC's compulsory fee funded propaganda for Saudi sharia islam

Support Klevius' Atheist anti-fascism against islamofascism

This is what BBC's muslim sharia presenter Mishal Husain "forgot" to report. Mishal grew up in the very same theocratic medieval dictatorship which now harbors and rules all muslims world organization OIC and its Human Rights violating sharia. While also spreading islamic hatred over the world through a variety of channels.

Klevius to dumb (or just evil) alt-left "antifa" people who support the worst of Human Rights violating evil:

True anti-fascism in its purest form is laid down in the Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948. Islam (OIC) has in UN decided to abandon the most basic of these rights (the so called negative Human Rights).

Fascism is, according to Google's top hit, "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation*, and forcible suppression of opposition." 23 Aug 2017

So let's face islam with this definition.

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (islam) that exalts nation (Umma) and often race (muslims) above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government (Koran text/Mohammad's example) headed by a dictatorial leader (the caliph - e.g. the Saudi based OIC's Saudi leader), severe economic and social regimentation* (sharia), and forcible suppression of opposition (apostasy ban against muslims wanting to leave islam, and demonizing defenders of Human Rights by calling them "islamophobes").

And islamofascism gets away with it by calling itself a religion and thereby being protected by those very Human Rights it opposes.

* According to Cambridge dictionary, "extreme organization and control of people".

Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?

Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?
Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?

Saudi islamofascism attacks Buddhists - again and again - backed by Mrs May.

When will the world finally turn on the hateful Saudi dictator family - rather than on its victims?

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses while FEEding Lnd

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses while FEEding Lnd
The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses over you

How an organization of islamic crimes (OIC) violates Human Rights

The Viking phenomenon started with bilingual Finns raiding/trading sex slaves to Abbasid (ca 750)

What is "islamophobia"?

Human Rights is diversity - sharia is the opposite

The evil of Sharia islam is what makes it incompatible with Negative Human Rights (i.e. why islamic OIC violates Human Rights by replacing them with Sharia, hence excluding women and non-muslims from equality). The evil of islam and its origin may be easier to grasp with historical examples, e.g. the Origin of Vikings.

It's racism and sexism even if proposed by a "god"! Klevius altruistic virtual volunteering for the world community in defense of Universal Human Rights . Yes, I know, it's unfair. Klevius vs islam, i.e. Universal Human Rights vs Sharia (OIC) racism/sexism! Of course Klevius will win. The question is just how long we should allow the dying beast to make people suffer. (Negative) Human Rights is not a ”Western” invention! It’s where you end up when you abandon racism and sexism, idiot! After you have abandoned islam! Your confused islamophilia and ignorance about Human Rights make YOU an accomplice to islam's crimes! Whereas Human Rights work as egalitarian and universal traffic rules (no matter who you are or what you drive you have the same rights as everyone else) islam/Sharia differs between muslim men and the rest (women and "infidels")!

Ask yourself, why can't racist islam (OIC) accept Human Rights? The answer reveals the difference between totalitarianism and freedom. And even if everyone converted to islam we'd still have Sharia sexism.
Have you noticed that when the history of slavery is (PC) debated islam is always excluded/excused? Atlantic slave trade and Roman slaves are eagerly mentioned while the world's by far worst, longest and most extensive one is blinked, as is the fact that islam not only sanctions slavery but is itself built on slavery and sex slavery (rapetivism)! The core idea of islam is the most thoroughly elaborated parasitism ever, i.e. what in 1400 yrs has made it the by far worst crime ever. But thanks to islamic teachings muslims are kept extremely ignorant about the evil origin of islam (institutionalized parasitism based on slave finance, rapetivism and pillage). Ohlig: The first two "islamic" centuries lie in the shadows of history. Klevius: There was no islam or islamic Mohammad (that's why the Saudis have levelled Mohammad's "grave" etc), only the evil murdering, pillaging and raping Aramaic-Arabic Jewish("Christian") led illiterate Arab thugs chasing for booty and sex. The "success" of this formula became later institutionalized and codified as a one way (Koran/Sharia) moral excuse (Allah) for further racist/sexist genocides. The bedrock and currency of this system was racist slavery. However, with Enlightenment the new idea of individual (negative) Human Rights emerged (incl. abolishing of slavery) and were, much later (1948), written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights according to which everyone is equal no matter of sex, beliefs etc. Just like in traffic! But unlike traffic rules no one really seems to care about guarding our most precious asset as human beings. Instead racist sexist islamofascism (OIC and the Cairo Sharia declaration) is protected by Human Rights while they strive to undermine and eventually destroy these Human Rights! And most people don't seem to get it. Always remember, there is no islam without Human Rights violating racist/sexist Sharia. So a "vote" for Sharia-islam is AGAINST democracy and the freedom part of Human Rights!

Sayeeda Warsi (UK's non-elected OIC/Sharia politician) in essence doesn't differ from those muslim Saudi women who approve of sex slavery etc, other than that she is either ignorant or a traitor (against democracy and Human Rights) of the worst kind.

We're all born unequal - that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Audi then built by Jewish slaves - today dangerous quality problems

Myth vs Truth

Japan's Hayabusa landed and returned to Earth many years before Europe's Rosetta failed to do so.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Putin didn't murder Litvinenko and Politkovskaja - islam did!

 But Putin - and Cameron - may be seen as accomplices due to their close "friendship" with islam

Klevius wrote a long time ago: 

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Did Islam in Chechnya kill Anna Politkovskaya because of her planned trip there?

Putin: "Russia is the most reliable partner of the Islamic world and most faithful defender of its interests"! Klevius comment: Chechnya is now ruled by expansionist Islamists notorious for kidnapping (even outside its own borders, e.g. in Ingushetia) torture, murder etc. and the young PM Ramzan Kadyrov is planning an "arena-sized" mosque etc in the war torn state. Allegedly Anna Politkovskaya was about to publish an article with witness evidence of torture in Chechnya by Ramzan Kadyrov himself.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Klevius Friday analysis: Did Islam kill Politkovskaya & Litvinenko? And is it really wise to have an islamist heading IAEA?

An original feature of Islam (see Origin of Islam) is its creeping via dirty routes such as slave and drug trails. "Infidels" can be abused and it´s just good for Islam to profit on poisoning them.

Like in Iraq, Sudan, Somalia etc. the bloodshed in Chechnya (after Jeltsin) has essentially been caused by Islamists rather than liberators. However, when Putin got enough of naive and extremely onesided Western media criticism - one that didn't (and still doesn't) even see "the worst crime ever against humanity" - he made a deal with Islam which now aids Islamic expansion in the region and a horrifying Taliban-Chechnya-Europe drug/mafia etc trafficking trail occupied by almost everything from Al-Qaeda to KGB agents/mafiosos, but all connected by Islamic expansion. Politkovskaya reluctantly started opening her eyes (see Oct 7 posting) whereas Litvinenko was probably even more naive - he also claimed Putin was behind terror bombings etc in Moscow (sic) - when faced with a reality that didn't fit the prevalent media hypocrisy of "it's not Islam" but Bush or Putin.

Klevius comment: According to Litvinenko, Mario Scaramella (Napoli) gave him (Nov 1, 06) data on Politkovskaya's proposed killers, doubtful, however, if he really read the four pages. In 2001 the Russian Federal Security Service allegedly claimed a Chechen trace in 9/11 was found among Chechen Islamists led by "Abdurakhman the Little": a blueprint-CD of a Boeing 737; a manual for pilots; explosive device, weapons, munitions and Saudi Islam (Wahhabi) literature. It was also said that some 300 Chechen Islamists guarded Bin-Laden in Afghanistan and a special Chechen battalion fought for Saddam Hussein against the US led liberation campaign.

Did the Polonium (extremely easy to carry and smuggle) come from Iran and the murderer fron Arabia?

One probable source of Polonium (Po-210) is Iran which long since has experimented with this stuff for the purpose of blasting their upcoming nukes!

In her last interview Politkovskaya accused the Islamist Chechen leader Kadyrov ("Stalin of our times" as she described him) and his militia: "Right now I have two photographs on my desk. I am conducting an investigation about torture today in Kadyrov's prisons. These are people who were abducted by Kadyrovsty for completely inexplicable reasons and who died. These are bodies absolutely disfigured by torture." Then she was murdered, most probably by Islam!
Kadyrov has recently been warmly welcomed by Saudi Islamofascist leadership.

Is it really clever to let an islamist, soft on Iran, head IAEA?!

Iran has, according to several anonymous sources, brought huge amounts of beryllium from different countries. Interestingly beryllium can be combined with polonium-210 to blast a nuclear bomb. It has also been alleged that IAEA (part of UN) chief Mohamed ElBaradei, an Egyptian islamist, did know abt it but didn't tell the IAEA board of governors!

Klevius comment: How come that the very same UN that was created to protect the world from fascism now is heavily infested with and influenced by islamofascism (incl. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc)?!

Senseless sex segregated human/chimp "research" at Boston University!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Non-oil Shinto-Honda meets oil-Islam - Girls! Free to think for yourself? Do you hate pollution and do you know why Honda is so much superior to BMW?

The world's oldest religion (see Klevius definition of religion) offers the world's best technology, incl. the world's first real super car Honda FCX on the shelves 2008, while the world's youngest "religion" Islam (the worst crime ever against humanity? - see Origin of Islam) offers sex segregated rapetivism and a homeland, Saudi-Arabia, that is the world's worst per capita polluter/consumer of world resources although it produces almost nothing except crude oil and Islamofascism.

Car: "A real car from another world!" (read the test drive of what 007 chief Mr Q would have loved - the world's new REAL super car).

Klevius comment: It's no accident that the Honda Asimo humanoid robot for the last 20 years has, by far, been the world's number one technological achievment. Likewise it's no surprise that the same manufacturer is now offering a super car that consumes solar energy from your home (plus gas depending on how much you drive) while exhausting nothing but water steam from its tail pipe. And unlike BMW's upcoming (?) miserable "hydrogen car" which is simply powered by a huge, old-fashioned truck engine modifyed to burn petrol and hydrogen gas (plus the exhaust gas incl. the ordinary amount of oil leak, particles etc as well as a 50% power reduction!), Honda FCX is a real fuel-cell driven electric car that is clear for mass production already in 2008, i.e. many years before anyone could have estimated.

Swedish consumer (des)info abt the most remarkable car introduction since T-Ford!

In the latest issue of the Swedish car magazine The World of Technology Honda FCX gets a tiny spot titled "Honda is working on", while there is a double page story abt a "probable" introduction of a VW fuel cell car in 2020!? This is what I used to call "The Mongoloid complex"!
Also read Why European cars (incl. BMW, Audi and MB) boost into fire so much more frequently than do Japanese and Korean cars!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

UN aids creeping sexist Islamofascism to confine girls in ultimate sex segregation without return

While Islam now boosts its genocide/rapes etc in Darfur...

Anonymous humanitarian worker: "The Islamo-Arab attackers shouted 'You slaves! We have arrived and now we are attacking you'," Klevius comment: Everyone who doesn't see the connection to Somalia etc must be considered "legally blind"! Furthermore, it's equally stupid to allege that many of the victims are Muslims too (see Origin of Islam)!

...the equality gate to freedom is shutting down by UN-Islam cooperation!

Behind most people's backs in a variety of UN policy announcements, programs, seminars, etc., oil-fueled Islam is now indoctrinating the entire world to accept its main pillar namely a final and ultimate sex segregation/rapetivism. The strategy includes sponging on existing sex segregation, especially in developing countries as well as boosting the treatcherous concepts of "gender equity"and "gender mainstreaming". The process was initiated by Islamic feminists who supported the use of the notion “equity” instead of “equality” at the 1995 Beijing women's conference.

Klevius comment: As a starter, and as noted on a variety of KLEVUX pages/blogs, "gender" is a sexist substitute for "sex" (see e.g. From Klevius without love). More importantly, though, the empty/non sense term "equity" (or more precisely, the re-introduction of a medieval cultural burka) has replaced "equality" (so, for example, you don't vote because of "equity" but because of equality! - see Klevius definition of negative human rights). Although it's laughable it's also worrying to find pro-equity web pages titled "equity vs equality" without mentioning the former at all on more than 20 pages trying to ridicule equality!

Next in line in this stealthy process is "mainstreaming gender", i.e. the sex segregation of any planned action, legislation, policies or programmes, in any area and at all levels. This is nothing but totalitarian, Islamofascist Sharia confinement, and well in line with the Islamofascist racist concept of "infidels" (see Origin of Islam)!

As an example it may be noted that one of these oil-for-Islam "researchers", Marianne Meier, in a UN paper titled "Promoting Gender Equity through Sport" not only emphasizes the importance of Islamic views but also and interestingly warns that "gender studies should not to be confused with the study of women or feminism". However, as repeatedly pointed out by Klevius, Islam confines/segregates girls/women in the "whole" just as its close, although not always properly recognized ally, feminism. In fact, feminism is sometimes treated by Islamic male chauvinists exactly in the same way as Freud used to do (see From Freud to bin Laden).

KLEVUX against evil separat-ISMS!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today Sweden's new deputy PM admits Klevius was right abt the depth of corruption in Swedish (s)tate bureaucracy!

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Maud Olofsson today accused former Swedish socialist government for "what in other countries should have been called corruption" via hand picked state bureaucrats who deliver what the government asks for rather than the truth. Although she was questioned abt whether to keep a leading state bureaucrat who she had accused of delivering false employment figures, she also noted that this phenomenon in general probably had to do with the length of the Swedish socialdemocratic hegemony.

Klevius comment: Finally! It took one decade to accept anything of my social state criticism! I felt like a space alien when I expressed the view that the "subjectivity" within an economic system out of real control by necessity can't deliver what was initially expected, e.g. "in the best interest of the child". A main thread of my analysis of the "social state" (in Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state 1996) was focused on the effects an almost century old socialdemocratic political hegemony has had on Sweden. The combination of high taxes, indirect transferrals (i.e. money to the bureaucracy and its private allies rather than to the citizens in general and those with special needs) and hoax ideologies let loose, has produced an endless stream of social tragedies in sharp contrast to the meaning of negative human rights! As a byproduct the social state has heavily contributed to detaching people notonly from each other but also from their children. The 1950s "young rebels" have, by the help of the social state, developed into ruthless and confused singulars who, quite often, seem to applaude totalitarian neo-fascism in the form of sex segregated infidel racist Islam (see Origin of Islam).

Friday, November 17, 2006

Klevius Friday analysis: "Dialogue" in blood & rape with Islam in Darfur

Islam's racist Afro-Arab Sudanese jihadists' genocide aided by Sudanese government and Al-Qaeda - and indirectly by Kofi Annan and UN!

Comment on JihadWatch by "NovaRocket": Palestine? Every man, woman, or child who speaks of "Palestine" as the world's "most horrible place" is a grave liar. Palestinians are killed because they are a ruthless brood of snakes who refuse peace with their neighboring Jews. They force their own people to suffer. The whole Muslim world refuses proper aid to them but exploits their "suffering" to justify global jihad. All the while this has been happening, with a few thousand Palestinians dead over several decades - and a few thousand Israelis - the Muslims have been laughing about Sudan where they have tens of thousands of Christians in slavery and they have murdered over two million.
Two million. Palestinian Jew murdering terrorists blow themselves up to slaughter little children and the whole world cries... while two million Africans die at the hands of savage Islamists and no one sheds a tear.

Klevius comment: Kofi Annan (the UN guy with oil-for-Islam on his fingers - see e.g. below), who today warned non-Muslim neighbours to stay away from the Islamists in Somalia,seems to defend the view of Osama bin Laden who, according to AP, has said Somalia is a battleground in his/Islam's war on the West.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mr Bush (one of US' top presidents)! Islam's not "a nice faith" - it's the curse of Mideast!

Although the Palestinians are entirely depending on financial welfare from the hated West for their survival they still keep the average family size to some 7-10 members compared to 2,7 per household in the US. Why's that? Well, it's because of Islam's central pillar, rapetivism, i.e. the institutionalized sex segregated abuse (Sharia "honour" confinement) of females as Muslim breeders. Although it may be beneficial for Islam to produce and spread as many Muslims as possible, the question remains whether it's sound from any other point of view? see Origin of Islam and What's sex segregation? and Klevius definition of feminism, and Klevius definition of religion!

Klevius comment: Of course you know this Mr Bush (although I doubt you, like many others, have fully realized the power of sex segregation in the analysis as yet)! But what all of us failed to understand was the depth of Islamofascist evilness. Yes, it's almost always necessary to open up a deeply inflammated wound so it can recover. However, sometimes the disease is spread throughout what appeared to be healthy tissue.

Letting Islam into the constitution of Afganistan and Iraq was perhaps your biggest mistake ever. Your balancing with your own party visavi religion is another, although perhaps more necessary one? Otherwise you are one of the best presidents USA has ever had. Most of the blood shed and suffering in Iraq is due to Islam!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Klevius Friday analysis: An honest Iranian/Swedish "Muslim" and a dishonest Swede?

Aftonbladet today:
Why's Koran so poorly written?!

1) Nima Daryamadj, a "secular Muslim", converted to secularism from Islam after reading Koran and realizing how poorly it was written. "For 16 years I defended Islam by saying that what happens in Iran isn't Islam but something based on idiots' misunderstanding of true religion" He continues: Compared to, for example, 2500 year old Buddist texts (i.e. 1000 yrs before Islamoarabs learned to write - Klevius comment) Koran is like "spirituality light on crutches" with the eternal bribe-talk on how "the big G" will reward the believers and the intimidation tactics on how the infidels will be punished.

2) Hans Corell, who, except from being one of Sweden's most selfrightious hypocrites and belonging to UN:s oil-for-Islam mafia, has been Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations since 1994, today announced on Sweden's islamofascist state radio (except for the usual spitting on US etc) that when he and his close pal Kofi Annan visited Saddam Hussein in 1998 (i.e. the year after the oil-for-food program had started), the dictator asked to discuss in private with the UN chief who gladly complied to the proposal. It should be noted that Hans Corell together with Kofi Annan were the original architects of what came to be known as not only the biggest deal ever by UN but also its biggest corruption scandal. Other suspicious Swedes involved were Jan Eliasson, Hans Dahlgren and Pierre Schori (all social democrats). Although they knew a lot abt it 2000 nothing came out from the spiral of denial and silence.

Klevius comment 1: Nima Darayama is on his way just like most of the world's "Muslims". However, I hope he also realizes the crucial (Islam's main pillar) connection of sex segregation between Islam and the 6 billion non-Muslims on the planet!

Klevius comment 2: Ironically, Corell, always welcomed/well-treated by the Swedish state media, was with Annan as a legal expert in the negotiations. So why leave him outside?! This may well have been the very starting point for whatr later came to be known as the UN/Saddam oil-for-food scandal. Also compare Hans Corell with a heroine, disliked by the Swedish state radio: An intelligent & honest Swedish super-woman (Inga-Britt Ahlenius - now UN chief inspector and auditor) who got fired from her job at Swedish Riksrevisionsverket after having audited the Swedish state too narrowly, while a Swedish pedophilia supporter got double state wages and state media comfort!

Klevius conclusive comment: Except for Islam as superficial fashion or personal lunaticism, what everyone should face intellectually is the tremendous explanatory power of analyzing Islam from its own historical context, i.e. that it was based on a blueprint (Koran) that came into being during several decades and as a result of what was the most sufficient way of sponging on others (via slave trade, robbery, jihad war/terror etc), namely institutionalised slavery combined with rapetivism, i.e. confining girls for the sole purpose of (except for sexual abuse) biological and cultural reproduction of new Muslims under the threatening Sharia sword.
This sponging ideology/strategy is now fueled by oil and naive or deliberately hypocritical "Westerners". To understand this you may need Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state and Detached children in Sweden! As a meta-analysis I recommend Demand for resources - on the right to be poor.

Ironically enough, it now seems that a counter revolution against Islam is gaining speed from within while the worst lunatic jihadist murderers are often born in the West (either as brainwashed for racist "infidel" hatred by their own family members and imams, relatives etc., or as detached and asocial, confused "singularities" cut off their kinship etc. ties by the modern social state mentioned above - AFA may be interpreted as Antisocial Fascist Aid).

In the end we need neither Islam nor any other political "religion" for that matter, but de-sex segregation and plurality guearded by negative human rights. For an anthropological understanding of the Vagina Gate see Klevius definition of religion.


Origin of the Vikings rests in Islam
How Islam's slavery/rapetivism destroyed Africa's development

You may also visit -others do!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Warning for Islam! Egypt arrests student blogger for "defaming" Islamofascism

Security forces today arrested 22-year-old human rights law student Abdel Kareem Nabil Suleiman on the grounds of being "critical of Islam". Suleiman has also been expelled from the Islamic al-Azhar University because of being too outspoken and criticising its Islamototalitarian doctrines and how it has caused violence against non-Muslims.

According to Reporters Without Borders Egypt is one of the worst suppressors of freedom of expression on Internet.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey cowards and hypocrites! The problem is Islam - not the "Muslims"!

The proper response to Islam is not to exhort entire "Muslim" populations to "go back where they came from" just because many happen not to be able to fully face their confusion of sex segregation, ethnicity, and the remaining cultural wounds from a "religion" (i.e. slave trade/rapetivism) that has cursed them for 1400 years. And although most Muslims, according to a British poll, are not only hostile to Western values of freedom and democracy, but a considerable amount also symphatize with bin Laden & Co, we still have to offer them a second chance to elevate us from the status of "infidels" to equals without embracing Islam! That move together with a reasonable de-sex segregation connected to empowered negative human rights, would in one single blow send the Islamofascist terrorist lunatics "back to the darkness where they came from" while making really true and open communication between "Muslims" and non-Muslims possible.

Demonizing the Other, i.e. that relatively small minority that dares to openly critisize mighty oil-Islam, never brings us, and "Muslims", closer to understanding the real roots and consequences of true Islam.

Remember, because there's no gene or other biological foundation for "Western values" a reasonable conclusion would be that the technology induced "westernization" fate inevitably awaits everyone on the path - in one way or another! And no matter what worldview you share, nothing will stop technology - see Klevius (1992) Demand for Resources -on the right to be poor!

Finally, give up that silly idea (Islam) of confining female human beings. It will never ever work in the long run in a developing tech world - so why even try?!

Shoebat: "Ever since I left radical Islam, I have consistently run into westerners who are oblivious to the mind-set of radical Islamists, and being on both sides of the fence, I have felt like I am Captain Spock of Star Trek -- always having to explain to Captain Kirk how the aliens thought. Yet the first problem I encountered when speaking to westerners is that they always think that the Muslim world has the same aspirations as they do, seeking liberty, equality, modernization, democracy, and the good life."

Klevius comment: A lexical note: politically correct but unconceptualized "radical Islam" is in fact undistinguishable from its shorter synonyme, "Islam"!


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