Negative Human Rights for a Positive Human Future

Definition of Negative Human Rights - i.e. the very foundation of the freedom part of the anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948.

Most people today are A(mono)theists, i.e. not "believing" in an impossible "one god"*. Such a "collective god" would mean equally many personal "gods" as there are believers/interpretors. "Monotheisms" are for racist/sexist movements - not for individuals. Human Rights are for individuals living among individuals with same rights.

Religion always means a total or partial reduction of some people's (e.g. women''s) Human Rights equality.

Being against A(mono)theism must be categorized as contempt of basic Human Rights equality because "monotheists" have doctrines which can't comply with basic Human Rights equality.
Klevius moral formula is a bedrock you can't beat:

1 There's no absolute and fixed moral in a dynamic society.

2 Therefor we have to repeatedly agree on a minimum moral and equality for all.

3 In doing so we are logically forced to approve of negative Human Rights, i.e. not to impose restrictions other than necessary in a democracy based on as much freedom as possible for all individuals - no matter of sex, race etc. And, for the truly dumb ones, do note that this definition excludes the freedom to restrict freedom.

* Though some people keep calling their own racist/sexist "interpretation" as "god's/allah's will").

Warning for BBC's faked "news" and support for Human Rights violating Saudi/OIC islamofascism

Warning for BBC's faked "news" and support for Human Rights violating Saudi/OIC islamofascism

Peter Klevius "islamophobia"/Human Rightsphobia test for you and your politicians

Sharia and weaponry keeps Brexit-UK in EU - with leaking borders and against the will of the people

Sharia and weaponry keeps Brexit-UK in EU - with leaking borders and against the will of the people

While EU closes internal borders it opens external ones.

While EU closes internal borders it opens external ones.

"Brits" who are racist against EU citizens but dare not criticize muslims - here's your passport.

"Brits" who are racist against EU citizens but dare not criticize muslims - here's your passport.

Welcoming UK's main security threat - and committing treason against the will of the people

Welcoming UK's main security threat - and committing treason against the will of the people

The ultimate treason against people in England, Ireland and Scotland

The ultimate treason against people in England, Ireland and Scotland

True Brits for the islamofascist Saudi dictator family and against Human Rights

Klevius: Face it, Wikipedia, BBC etc. fake media - Finland was first in the world with full suffrag

The network that reignited evil Human Rightsphobic sharia islam via al-Saud

Human Rightsphobe Jacob Rees-Mogg and BBC News crack jokes about Germans lacking humour

UK PM candidate Rees-Mogg: Germans needed Human Rights - we don't. Klevius: I really think you do.

Klevius "islamophobia" CV

Some basic facts to consider about Klevius* (except that he is both "extremely normal" and extremely intelligent - which fact, of course, would not put you off if you're really interested in these questions):

* Mentored by G. H. von Wright, Wittgenstein's successor at Cambridge.

1 Klevius' analysis of consciousness is the only one that fits what we know - after having eliminated our "pride" bias of being humans (which non-human would we impress, anyway?). Its starting point is described and exemplified in a commentary to Jurgen Habermas in Klevius book Demand for Resources (1992:30-33, ISBN 9173288411, based on an article by Klevius from 1981), and is further explained in a commentary to Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis under the title The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (EMAH), which can be found in Stalk's archive and which has been on line since 2003 for anyone to access/assess.

2 Klevius out of island/mainland fluctuating Southeast Asia Denisovans up to big skulled Siberians as the birth of much more intelligent modern humans who then spread all over the world, is the only analysis that fits both genetic reality as well as tool and art sophistication seen in e.g. the Denisova cave (no dude, Blombos etc. don’t come even close).

3 Klevius criticism of Human Rights violating sharia islamofascism (e.g. OIC) which is called "islamophobia" by islamofascists and their supporters who don't care about the most basic of Human Rights (e.g. re. women). Klevius' "islamophobia" has two roots: 1) UN's 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration, which, contrary to any form of muslim sharia, doesn't, for example, allow sex to be an excuse for robbing females of their full Human Rights equality, and 2) the history of the origin of islam ( e.g. Hugh Kennedy, Robert G. Hoyland, K. S. Lal etc.) which reveals a murderous, pillaging, robbing, enslaving and raping racist/sexist supremacist ideology that exactly follows precisely those basic islamic tenets which are now called "unislamic" but still survive today (as sharia approved sex slavery, sharia approved "liberation” jihad, academic jihad etc.) behind the sharia cover which is made even more impenetrable via the spread of islamic finance, mainly steered from the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

4 Klevius analysis of sex segregation/apartheid (now deceptively called “gender segregation”) and heterosexual attraction - see e.g. Demand for Resources (1981/1992), Daughters of the Social State (1993), Angels of Antichrist (1996), Pathological Symbiosis (2003), or Klevius PhD research on heterosexual attraction/sex segregation and opposition to female footballers (published in book form soon).

Klevius 1979: Human Rights for girls/women rather than religion

Klevius 1979: Human Rights for girls/women rather than religion

BBC (imp)lies that 84% of the world is "monotheist" although most people are A(mono)theists

BBC (imp)lies that 84% of the world is "monotheist" although most people are A(mono)theists

Klevius can no longer distinguish between the techniques of BBC and Nazi propaganda - can you!

By squeezing in Atheist ideologies/philosophies as well as polytheisms under the super set BBC calls "religion", and by narrowing 'Atheism' to what it's not (Atheism is what it says on the tin - no god) they produced the extremely faked proposition that 84% of the world's population is "religious". Moreover, BBC also proudly claimed that the 84% figure is rising even more. Well, that's only by relying on those poor women in Pakistan, Bangladesh, English muslim ghettos (where most so called "British" women don't even speak English) etc., who still produce many more children than the average in the world. But Klevius doesn't think this abuse of girls/women is anything to cheer.

Racist Theresa May is robbing EU citizens of their Human Rights

Is Mrs Theresa May digging a miserable "British" sharia "empire" under the Brexit cliff?

Mrs May plays sharia with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family - skipping Human Rights. Right

This (via Saudi sharia finance) is the main threat to your Human Rights

This (via Saudi sharia finance) is the main threat to your Human Rights

Saudi muslim war criminal and Human-rightsophobe is loved by BBC

BBC, the world's biggest fake/selective news site - with an evil agenda

BBC, the world's biggest fake/selective news site  - with an evil agenda

BBC's compulsory fee funded propaganda for Saudi sharia islam

Support Klevius' Atheist anti-fascism against islamofascism

This is what BBC's muslim sharia presenter Mishal Husain "forgot" to report. Mishal grew up in the very same theocratic medieval dictatorship which now harbors and rules all muslims world organization OIC and its Human Rights violating sharia. While also spreading islamic hatred over the world through a variety of channels.

Klevius to dumb (or just evil) alt-left "antifa" people who support the worst of Human Rights violating evil:

True anti-fascism in its purest form is laid down in the Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948. Islam (OIC) has in UN decided to abandon the most basic of these rights (the so called negative Human Rights).

Fascism is, according to Google's top hit, "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation*, and forcible suppression of opposition." 23 Aug 2017

So let's face islam with this definition.

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (islam) that exalts nation (Umma) and often race (muslims) above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government (Koran text/Mohammad's example) headed by a dictatorial leader (the caliph - e.g. the Saudi based OIC's Saudi leader), severe economic and social regimentation* (sharia), and forcible suppression of opposition (apostasy ban against muslims wanting to leave islam, and demonizing defenders of Human Rights by calling them "islamophobes").

And islamofascism gets away with it by calling itself a religion and thereby being protected by those very Human Rights it opposes.

* According to Cambridge dictionary, "extreme organization and control of people".

Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?

Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?
Is the islamofascist Saudi dictator "prince" Mohammad bin Salman the world's most dangerous man?

Saudi islamofascism attacks Buddhists - again and again - backed by Mrs May.

When will the world finally turn on the hateful Saudi dictator family - rather than on its victims?

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses while FEEding Lnd

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses while FEEding Lnd
The islamofascist Saudi dictator family spreading its islamist hate and losses over you

How an organization of islamic crimes (OIC) violates Human Rights

The Viking phenomenon started with bilingual Finns raiding/trading sex slaves to Abbasid (ca 750)

What is "islamophobia"?

Human Rights is diversity - sharia is the opposite

The evil of Sharia islam is what makes it incompatible with Negative Human Rights (i.e. why islamic OIC violates Human Rights by replacing them with Sharia, hence excluding women and non-muslims from equality). The evil of islam and its origin may be easier to grasp with historical examples, e.g. the Origin of Vikings.

It's racism and sexism even if proposed by a "god"! Klevius altruistic virtual volunteering for the world community in defense of Universal Human Rights . Yes, I know, it's unfair. Klevius vs islam, i.e. Universal Human Rights vs Sharia (OIC) racism/sexism! Of course Klevius will win. The question is just how long we should allow the dying beast to make people suffer. (Negative) Human Rights is not a ”Western” invention! It’s where you end up when you abandon racism and sexism, idiot! After you have abandoned islam! Your confused islamophilia and ignorance about Human Rights make YOU an accomplice to islam's crimes! Whereas Human Rights work as egalitarian and universal traffic rules (no matter who you are or what you drive you have the same rights as everyone else) islam/Sharia differs between muslim men and the rest (women and "infidels")!

Ask yourself, why can't racist islam (OIC) accept Human Rights? The answer reveals the difference between totalitarianism and freedom. And even if everyone converted to islam we'd still have Sharia sexism.
Have you noticed that when the history of slavery is (PC) debated islam is always excluded/excused? Atlantic slave trade and Roman slaves are eagerly mentioned while the world's by far worst, longest and most extensive one is blinked, as is the fact that islam not only sanctions slavery but is itself built on slavery and sex slavery (rapetivism)! The core idea of islam is the most thoroughly elaborated parasitism ever, i.e. what in 1400 yrs has made it the by far worst crime ever. But thanks to islamic teachings muslims are kept extremely ignorant about the evil origin of islam (institutionalized parasitism based on slave finance, rapetivism and pillage). Ohlig: The first two "islamic" centuries lie in the shadows of history. Klevius: There was no islam or islamic Mohammad (that's why the Saudis have levelled Mohammad's "grave" etc), only the evil murdering, pillaging and raping Aramaic-Arabic Jewish("Christian") led illiterate Arab thugs chasing for booty and sex. The "success" of this formula became later institutionalized and codified as a one way (Koran/Sharia) moral excuse (Allah) for further racist/sexist genocides. The bedrock and currency of this system was racist slavery. However, with Enlightenment the new idea of individual (negative) Human Rights emerged (incl. abolishing of slavery) and were, much later (1948), written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights according to which everyone is equal no matter of sex, beliefs etc. Just like in traffic! But unlike traffic rules no one really seems to care about guarding our most precious asset as human beings. Instead racist sexist islamofascism (OIC and the Cairo Sharia declaration) is protected by Human Rights while they strive to undermine and eventually destroy these Human Rights! And most people don't seem to get it. Always remember, there is no islam without Human Rights violating racist/sexist Sharia. So a "vote" for Sharia-islam is AGAINST democracy and the freedom part of Human Rights!

Sayeeda Warsi (UK's non-elected OIC/Sharia politician) in essence doesn't differ from those muslim Saudi women who approve of sex slavery etc, other than that she is either ignorant or a traitor (against democracy and Human Rights) of the worst kind.

We're all born unequal - that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Audi then built by Jewish slaves - today dangerous quality problems

Myth vs Truth

Japan's Hayabusa landed and returned to Earth many years before Europe's Rosetta failed to do so.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Klevius photo exhibition with remarks from persons unrelated* to Klevius

* to muslim "intellectuals" (what an oxymoron): Klevius isn't a Christian or a Jew, nor does he belong to any political party/ideology. Apart from an extraordinary brain (which sometimes feels like a "mental impairment" in communication with less talented but presumptuous people - judge for yourself) Klevius is "extremely normal" while trying to make space for whatever is "abnormal" as long as it fits under the (negative) Human Rights! Islam certainly doesn't fit - ask the man on the pic below. He's the leader of all the world's muslim Ummah, OIC, which has officially, via UN, violated Human Rights by replacing them with Sharia!

Why criticizing islam?

Pamela Geller: I was dressing for the gym when my phone rang. “Turn on the TV.” And so I did. I watched in horror as the second plane hit. Freedom was not free. The infrastructure of my thinking, the basic premise of my very existence, lavish freedom, disintegrated with the Islamic attack on America, ten years ago today. I always assumed my freedom. It was the air I breathed. I never questioned its permanence. “It’s a free country” was my mantra as a child. And it was. I could do anything, be anything, say anything. Everything was possible. That forever changed. The American idea and all that that meant was under mortal threat from a brutal and oppressive ideology that hated everything we stood for and held dear — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America, America, worth fighting for, worth dying for. I felt guilty that I didn’t know who had attacked my country. And when I found out, I felt guilty that I didn’t know why they attacked my country, my identity, my family. I spent the ensuing years studying Islam, Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye’or, Robert Spencer, etc. The media was absent on jihad and increasingly I found myself on the net ……… the rest is history. Wolff

Bachner: Despite the massive amount of documented evidence to back up what you say, you have certainly become one of the most vilified, and lied about, public figures on the American political scene. How do you deal with the threats against your safety, and the constant, often distasteful insults? How do you manage to continue on day after day, in what is a very difficult struggle, against a formidable and implacable opponent?

Pamela Geller: I know that I am telling the truth. I fight for a vision of a beautiful society. I fight for art, for music, and for love — all the things that make life beautiful and that authoritarian systems deny. I fight for individual rights. I know that is right. And that sustains me.

Wolff Bachner: Granted that many Americans are just not interested in taking the time to become educated about the world of politics and religion, but one would think that after 9/11, more Americans would want to learn all they could about Islam, and the ideology that led to the destruction of the World Trade Center. Why do you think so many Americans are turning a blind eye to the truth about Islam? Why are they so resistant to your message, and so quick to call you an Islamophobe?

Pamela Geller: They turn a blind eye because the media tells them to. They’ve been constantly lied to for eleven years now — that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that anyone who says otherwise is a racistislamophobicantimuslimbigot. They’re constantly admonished that “Islamophobia” is a big problem, when actually Jews are victims of hate crimes eight times more often than Muslims are. Of course they turn a blind eye.

Wolff Bachner: You have been quoted as saying, “I have no problem with Islam. I have a problem with political Islam?” In view of all the recent violence, and the resurgence of calls for the establishment of the caliphate, do you still stand behind the statement?

Pamela Geller: What I meant was that I don’t mind if people want to pray to Allah five times a day and read the Qur’an, as long as they leave the political and supremacist aspects of Islam out of this country. I don’t care if you worship a stone, just don’t stone me with it.

Wolff Bachner: How do respond to those who say that you shouldn’t criticize the Qur’an for it’s violence, because similar violence is also found in the Old Testament and New Testament?

Pamela Geller: There is actually not similar violence in the Old or New Testaments. Only the Qur’an contains calls for all believers to make war upon and subjugate all unbelievers. And all the sects and schools of Islamic law teach that. There are Islamic jihadis worldwide quoting chapter and verse to justify their actions. Where are the Jewish and Christian terrorists quoting their Scriptures while cutting throats? Where are people killing in the name of HaShem, or shouting “Jesus akbar” and blowing themselves up?

Wolff Bachner: You have been rather outspoken about the failings of many of America’s political leaders in their dealings with Islamic tyrants in the Middle East, and what some describe as their willful ignorance of the threat of Islamic supremacy. You have not been shy about criticizing President Obama. You have said that Obama is appeasing Islamic extremists, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and throwing Israel under the bus. Are you of the opinion that there are powerful political figures who are working actively to empower Islam and Sharia in America? Are we being betrayed, or are we being sacrificed on the multi-cultural altar of political correctness? How much damage do you think Obama has done to America, and the free world, with his policy of embracing Islamists, and pressuring long standing American allies? Pamela Geller: I don’t see this as an either/or. We are being betrayed by those who are sacrificing our national security to political correctness. Obama has done incalculable damage. Wolff Bachner: You have expressed great concern about CAIR, The Islamic Society Of North America, The Muslim Students Association, The Islamic Supreme Council Of North America, and other organizations that are very vocal supporters of Islam in America. You have singled out CAIR as one of the most subversive organizations in our country, and you have expressed outrage at the Muslim Student Associations campaign of Jew hate, and their constant assault on Israel’s right to exist as the Nation of the Jewish people. Why is The Muslim Student Association able to attract so many young, non-Muslim Americans to its incessant message of hatred for Israel? Do you feel these groups have an actual plan in place to undermine the Constitution of the United States, and eventually install Sharia in America?

Pamela Geller: They lie to non-Muslim students and give them false accounts of trumped-up Israeli atrocities. That’s how they turn their heads. And yes, they have a plan to undermine the Constitution — the Muslim Brotherhood itself, according to a captured internal document, said that its work in America was “a kind of grand jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.”

Wolff Bachner: Why do so many of our leaders, and our elected officials tolerate, and even work with, subversive organizations that wish to destroy our way of life?

Pamela Geller: Our leaders are so cowed by Muslim Brotherhood groups’ charging that any and all of their opponents are all racists and bigots that they give the Brotherhood groups whatever they want.

Wolff Bachner: The conflict between Islam and the Jewish people has been going on for 1400 years, ever since the Jews of Medina rejected Muhammad and refused to consider him as the Messiah. The Qur’an has many verses that express hatred of the Jewish people, yet we are led to believe that the entire situation in the Middle East could be resolved if Israel would just give more land to the Palestinians. Is the dispute between Israel and the Arab world really just about land, or is it because the Islamic world will never tolerate a free, independent Jewish nation in their midst?

Pamela Geller: Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to hold authority over Muslims on land that belongs (they believe) to the Muslims. Thus they will never, ever accept a Jewish state in the Middle East.

Obama has demanded Israel return to indefensible “Auschwitz” borders

Wolff Bachner: When he was campaigning for the White House in 2008, Obama said he was a strong supporter of Israel and that Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel. Since he became President, Obama has demanded Israel return to what her leaders call indefensible “Auschwitz” borders, as the basis for negotiations between Israel and Palestinian leaders. He still hasn’t moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, and members of his administration have publicly declined to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. On Tuesday, the relationship between Israel and The United States reached a new low. President Obama refused to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu when the Israeli leader visits the U.S. at the end of September. Are the American people being subtly prepared for the abandonment of Israel by the Obama Administration? If Obama is re-elected, how bad will things get for Israel? Can you conceive of Obama voting in favor of The United Nations Security Council unilaterally creating a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, if he gets a second term?

Pamela Geller: Obama is hardly being subtle about abandoning Israel — anyone who can’t see that is willfully blind to an astonishing degree. If Obama is reelected, I can see Obama betraying Israel openly in all the ways you suggest and more.

Why are so many people unwilling to acknowledge the elephant in the room, despite mountains of evidence?

Wolff Bachner: In the Middle East, and other countries that have Muslim majorities, non-Muslims are often brutally oppressed. A Christian pastor was finally released after being held on death row in Iran since 2009, for refusing to convert to Islam. Last month, we saw an 11 year old girl with Downs Syndrome imprisoned, and charged with blasphemy in Pakistan. In Egypt, 10 million Coptic Christians are living in fear for their lives, and in Nigeria, Boko Haram has openly said that they will not stop killing Christians until there are no more Christians left in Nigeria and the country is an Islamic state. Yet, if you speak out about any of these horrible examples of oppression, and terror, you are slandered and called Islamophobic. Why are so many people unwilling to acknowledge the elephant in the room, despite mountains of evidence the lives of non-Muslims are in jeopardy in many parts of the Muslim world? Is it fear, abject dishonesty, or total ignorance that allows so many Americans to have such an unrealistic picture of Islam?

Pamela Geller: Here again, the media is lying to them. So the media is dishonest, and their audiences are ignorant.

Wolff Bachner: We hear people talk all the time about moderate Muslims, and how they should not be lumped together, and discriminated against, because of the crimes of a few crazy terrorists who are misrepresenting Islam. But it isn’t the suicide bombers, and a handful of lunatics, who are speaking the loudest in favor of Islamic supremacy, and the destruction of non-Muslims societies. It is the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the highest authority in all of Islam, who is saying that all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed. It is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic group that now rules Egypt, who is calling for “a rightly guided caliphate and finally mastership of the world.” It is one ranking Islamic cleric after the other, including Ayatollah Khamenei, the leader of Iran, calling for the destruction of Israel, and the total genocide of the Jewish people. These are not fringe characters or mad men in caves, like Bin Ladin and Mullah Omar. These are leaders of the Islamic world, and according to the doctrine set down in the Holy Qur’an, they speak with authority over every Muslim on earth. We are told that it is only a tiny fraction of Muslims who support these insane ambitions. Here in America, when was the last time 500,000 or 50,000 or 5,000, or even 500 Muslims, marched against Jihad, in support of gay rights, in support of women’s rights, or in support of Israel’s right to exist? Is it really unfair to say that silence in the face of tyranny is acceptance of tyranny?

Pamela Geller: 11 years after 9/11, and there is still no large-scale movement of Muslims against Islamic supremacism and jihad. That is telling.

Europe has surrendered to islamofascism

Wolff Bachner: Is there any hope left for a free Europe, that respects equal rights for all human beings, no matter their race, religion, gender, or sexual preference? Has Europe surrendered its soul to a multi-cultural hell, and allowed the age of enlightenment to stumble backwards into a new dark age or can it return to a happier day, when no-go zones didn’t exist, and cars didn’t burn in French cities, night after night?

Pamela Geller: Yes, Europe is over. Europe has surrendered.

 . .

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